Labour promised a lot when it took office and New Zealanders expected it to deliver. TheGovernment’s inaction on housing since day one has quickly become its biggest broken promise. KiwiBuild is the biggest public policy failure in a generation. First-home buyers feel justifiably left down.

Home ownership is getting harder in New Zealand and this is largely the fault of our planning rules. The Government has not helped things by cancelling all new proposed Special Housing Areas at a cost to councils, developers and would-be home owners. National has a plan to free up rules and restrictions around consenting to ensure houses get built. Everyone now accepts planning reform must happen, which is why National is proposing to repeal and replace the Resource Management Act (RMA).

Throughout this discussion document we propose solutions and ask for feedback on ideas that have been tried in jurisdictions around the world.

National will make sure New Zealand is once again the place where Kiwis can build and own their own homes. We want your feedback on our proposals and suggestions in this document to make those dreams a reality.

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