Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment Minister Paul Goldsmith has today announced the release of the 2017 Occupation Outlook app and webpage to help young job seekers and students make important study and career decisions.

“The improved Occupation Outlook provides an easy-to-use overview of job demand, likely income levels, and training requirements for different career pathways,” Mr Goldsmith says.

“This is the fifth edition of the Occupation Outlook and it marks a significant upgrade from previous years. It now covers 108 occupations, up from 60 in last year’s release. It’s more customisable and more thorough than ever before.”

The mobile app has been upgraded to sort occupations by their income, fees and job prospect dials. It also has a new matching tool for users to rate their current or desired skill levels in 12 broad subject areas to get matching occupations.

“The updated Occupation Outlook will also allow for continual changes and updates to the content throughout the year, as opposed to the previous yearly updates. The 108 occupations covered equate to about 90 per cent of the current labour market, which provides a hugely useful tool for people making important decisions about their future employment.

“The update highlights that there is high demand for workers in the health, engineering, ICT, and construction sectors, which is a reflection of the continuing growth of those sectors, in particular the record building boom.”

Occupation Outlook is produced by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and draws on a wide range of information including:

Actual employment trends and other key statistics compiled by MBIE and Statistics New Zealand. Expertise from Careers NZ, tertiary institutions, industry associations, industry training organisations, licence and registration boards, and other industry stakeholders. Qualification completions and graduate income information from the Ministry of Education.

The 2017 Occupation Outlook app webpage and links to download the free app are available HERE.

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