Retired Kiwis better off under National’s tax cuts

A retired couple will be $1000 better off under National’s tax stimulus package, National’s Finance spokesperson Paul Goldsmith says.

“Under National’s tax policy, a single superannuitant would be $560 better off, with a couple pocketing an extra $1000.

“The Winter Energy Payment and the SuperGold Card also remains safe under a National Government, making New Zealand a better place for our ageing population.

“The SuperGold card provides discounts for seniors to enjoy restaurants and cafes across the country. Coupled with our tax stimulus, we will encourage people to get out and support the hospitality sector to recover from the economic crisis.

“This is before taking into account the increase in the after-tax average wage as a result of the tax cuts, which will deliver even further savings for superannuitants.

“National’s tax cuts are in direct contrast to Labour’s plan of higher taxes.

“If Labour implemented a wealth tax it would force those superannuitants who are asset rich but cash poor to pay thousands of dollars in tax on their assets every year.

“Rather than respecting New Zealanders who have worked hard all their lives contributing to our economy, Labour instead wants to punish them.

“Labour has refused to rule out taxing people more if they win the election. Their first instinct is to raise your taxes when times get tough. And times are tough right now.

“We’re facing the deepest recession in living memory, New Zealanders losing their jobs, we taking on enormous debt, and businesses are struggling.

“New Zealand needs a Government who can steady the ship, with a comprehensive plan to grow the economy and create jobs. Only National has put forward policy that will do just that. All Labour has offered is a day off, higher taxes and a ban on banana stickers.

“The choice is clear this election, National will put more money in superannuitants pockets while a Labour-Greens Government will come after you with a Wealth Tax on your hard-earned assets.”