Restarting International Education


International students contribute $5.1 billion a year to the New Zealand economy. Most of this money does not come from tuition fees, but from spending on accommodation, food, tourism, entertainment etc. Spending by international students supports around 50,000 Kiwi jobs.

National would allow tertiary education providers to bring international students into New Zealand, under strict quarantine and testing protocols, to support our education sector and economic recovery.

Incoming international students would need to undergo stringent health tests and quarantine measures and stay at facilities that are certified and audited by the Ministry of Health.

There are significant economic gains to be had if we move fast. We could attract students who would normally go to other countries to study, or those who want a full experience of campus life.

These students spend significant amounts of money in New Zealand. The average international university student spends more than $28,000 and for every dollar spent the flow-on benefit to the economy is estimated to be $1.60.

Spending by these students would also help New Zealand’s tourism industry recover.

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