Responsible Economic Management


New Zealand is facing a deep recession, with 100,000 Kiwis forecast to lose their job over the next two years.

To help get us through the Covid-19 lockdown, we have taken on enormous debt. We were able to do that because the previous National Government had left the books in really good shape.

There will always be another economic shock, and we need to be prepared for it by getting our debt back down.

Labour’s first instinct in times of economic crisis is to raise your taxes.

So we are looking at Kiwis without jobs, and those who have one paying higher taxes.

National has a better plan, to increase investment in quality infrastructure, to give businesses the confidence to grow and create jobs, to pay down debt and to temporarily reduce your taxes.

Our economic plan shows we can keep increasing investment in core public services, but at a lesser rate than what Labour is proposing. There won’t be any cuts though.

Our pathway to pay back debt means more disciplined day to day spending, something Labour has failed at (eg KiwiBuild, Light Rail, Green School).

National will let New Zealanders keep more of what they earn.

It’s your economy and your future, we need to safe guard it.

National has a proven track record of effective economic management in times of crisis.

National will ensure taxpayer money is spent carefully and in ways that are linked to clear results