The mismanaged and incompetent process behind the 2018 Census is so substantial I’ve published a full report into it, National Spokesperson for Statistics Jian Yang says.

“Census 2018 is a debacle on many levels, it has been a failure of organisation, leadership, equity and transparency from the Coalition Government. My report ‘Census 2018 – A multi-fold debacle‘ highlights what went wrong and the effect it will have.

“The Census is a critical component in the planning process for issues around social and economic wellbeing, political participation, electoral boundaries, the planning of health, education and other social services.

“We’ve seen 700,000 non-completions, multiple delays to the release of the data, and now they’re trying to plug the missing data gaps with inadequate information from Government agencies.

“A change in definition of ‘non-completions’ has also meant that the already poor 10% of non-completions would actually have been 15% under the previous definition.

“It’s appalling that such an important process has been so poorly managed, and Statistics Minister James Shaw continues to ignore the mistakes that have been made.

“My report distinguishes the sheer scale of the issue at hand, how it got to this point, and dissects the misinformation being spread by the Government to cover themselves.

“Census 2018 has been a disaster, and the Government needs to acknowledge what has gone wrong.”


Census 2018 - A multi-fold debacle

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