Renamed PGF still won’t deliver

The Government’s newly named Provincial Growth Fund isn’t anything new, it merely demonstrates its inability to deliver for New Zealanders, National’s Economic Development spokesperson Todd McClay says.

“In 2017 Grant Robertson said the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) ‘says everything about what I want this Government to be marked out for’.

“The PGF was big on announcements and light on achievements.

“Across the board the Government has failed to deliver on its promises, we only have to look at KiwiBuild, light rail and fees-free as examples.

“This isn’t new investment, it’s just shuffling money around.

“The Government trumpeted the PGF last term with the intention of creating jobs, and it has done just that for bureaucrats in Wellington, but hasn’t delivered for the regions.

“Instead, it ended up as a political lolly scramble with cash spread loosely.

“Regional development funding must be targeted towards projects that will benefit the regions, support local businesses and create sustainable jobs.

“The country needs a plan for regional New Zealand to grow the economy and create jobs. Economic Development Minister Stuart ‘Shane Jones’ Nash needs to do better.”