The Relocation from Auckland grant is helping kiwi families become more independent and saving tax payer’s money, says Associate Social Housing Minister Alfred Ngaro.

“I’m thrilled with the success of this programme,” says Mr Ngaro.

“On average we’re saving the taxpayer $170 a week in subsidised housing costs for every family that moves out of Auckland. With the average grant being about $4,637 the Government is seeing a saving in costs well within a year of people moving.

“In fact in just three years time we’ll have saved well over $6 million in tax payer’s money, simply by offering these families the option of a fresh start.

“More importantly, this grant is giving struggling kiwis a new home and community, cheaper accommodation and the potential to become more independent, while also freeing up social housing for those who need it in Auckland.”

The scheme which was introduced in June 2016 has now helped 150 families to move into private housing and a further 163 households have now moved into social housing outside of Auckland.

“With a monthly average of 30 families choosing to set down roots somewhere new, we’re well on track to have 400 families finding and settling in communities that are a much better fit for them by the end of June.”

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