With four banks now forecasting negative growth it’s past time for the Government to announce a relief package to help people stay in their jobs, National’s Finance spokesperson Paul Goldsmith says.

“When Cabinet meets tomorrow, this should be at the top of its agenda. This needs to be a detailed package to support businesses and workers directly affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

“We want to help people stay in their jobs, if possible, rather than hasten their shift to benefits.

“Tax relief across the economy is also needed, to put more money in Kiwis pockets.

“When National was in Government we took decisive action following the Canterbury earthquakes, the Kaikoura earthquake and the Global Financial Crisis.

“It now seems quite likely New Zealand will go into a recession this year.

“Businesses need clear and urgent action from the Government to help them through this period of uncertainty, not just tinkering around the edges and ad-hoc announcements that lack detail.”

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