Shane Jones’ regional work for the dole scheme is the latest NZ First Policy to come up against the realities of working in a Labour/Greens/NZ First Coalition Government, National Party Economic Development Spokesperson Simon Bridges says.

“In an interview on TVNZ’s Q&A today, Shane Jones said he wants a work for the dole scheme to get unemployed people in the regions planting trees. However that’s anethema to Labour and the Greens who if anything want to reduce welfare obligations to be available for work,” Mr Bridges says.

“Mr Jones’ interview was a long list of things he’d like to do but Labour and the Greens won’t let him do.

“Things like irrigation schemes, the Te Kuha mine on the West Coast, gas exploration, and work for the dole schemes.

“The only thing the parties can agree on is spending more taxpayers’ money. Mr Jones admits he’s got no idea where the money comes from, but says he trusts Grant Robertson will find it.

“Six weeks in, we are still no wiser on what the provincial growth fund will do, how it will work, and who will decide.

“Meanwhile he’s already at least several million trees behind the billion tree eight ball.

“Despite Mr Jones’ comments, many parts of regional New Zealand have been performing the strongest economically that they have in 30 years.

“Mr Jones needs to stop talking in riddles and start laying out what NZ First will actually do in regional New Zealand.”

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