New Zealand is a nation of opportunities – and that’s all because of the hard work and enterprise of New Zealanders, backed by National’s six-point plan for the future.

First, we are raising family incomes and delivering more jobs. On 1 April someone on the average wage will receive a tax cut of $1000 per year.

Second, we’re building infrastructure to support growth in our regions with Accelerated Regional Roading Projects, new Roads of National Significance and broadband expansions throughout New Zealand.

Third, we’re helping regional businesses to grow by negotiating new trade agreements and investing in regional economic development. And we’re building skills and innovation with new regional research institutes and by developing the skills of our young people.

Fourth, we’re getting the finances in order. By their own numbers, Labour would borrow an extra $11b over the next four years at a time we should be paying down debt to prepare for the next financial crisis or natural disaster.

Fifth, we are investing even more in world-class public services for regional New Zealand. We’re delivering cheaper GP visits and investing in education. And our social investment programme is helping vulnerable New Zealanders change their lives one by one.

The sixth point of our plan is what we won’t do. We won’t create new taxes – we won’t raise income taxes, or introduce an inheritance tax, or a regional fuel tax.

We also won’t hit farmers with new taxes that would slow down regional New Zealand – a capital gains tax, a water tax, a land tax or adding farmers to the Emissions Trading Scheme.