Communications Minister Simon Bridges today announced a reduction in radio spectrum fees and a simplified regime, to come into effect later this year.

The changes will reduce the average annual fee for a licence from around $200 to $150 (including GST). They will also make the fees regime simpler by reducing the number of fee categories from 47 to four.

“The new regime is much simpler and fairer for licence holders,” Mr Bridges says.

“Since the last fees review was undertaken, radio spectrum management costs have declined due to a move to online systems and a strong focus on efficiency and cost control. We’re now passing those benefits on to licence holders.

“The reduction in licence fees will also help reduce the current surplus in the radio spectrum management account, before fees are reviewed again in three years’ time.

“This reflects the need to remain flexible in how we manage the radio spectrum, given the changing nature of the telecommunications environment. The primary objective is to ensure the regime continues to be equitable and fit for purpose,” Mr Bridges says.

Amateur radio licences will continue to have their own fee category, with annual fees set at $50 (including GST), consistent with the current regime.

The changes will take effect in late 2017, following notification in the Gazette.

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