Education data highlights the changing landscape of greater Christchurch following the earthquakes, Minister supporting Greater Christchurch Regeneration Nicky Wagner says.

The Greater Christchurch Dashboard — Education looks at trends in education enrolments and progress in the Christchurch Schools Rebuild Programme.

“The tertiary sector has been significantly affected by the quakes and is still recovering. Enrolments at the University of Canterbury, Ara Institute of Canterbury and Lincoln University are below pre-quake levels,” Ms Wagner says.

“However, with a Government contribution of $260 million, the rebuild and renewal of the Colleges of Engineering and Science precincts at University of Canterbury are progressing well.

“Combined enrolment data for primary and secondary school students in Christchurch City, Selwyn and Waimakariri reflects post-quake demographic changes — a slight drop in the population of Christchurch, with corresponding growth elsewhere, particularly in Selwyn.

“This reinforces the Government’s decision to fund new schools and classrooms in these areas. The new Rolleston College opened earlier this year, as did Lemonwood Grove School. West Rolleston Primary School opened in 2016 and a new Lincoln South Primary School is due to open in 2019.”

This week the Government announced a $5.5 million investment in the expansion of Canterbury schools, including four new classrooms for Prebbleton School and six for Lincoln Primary School in Selwyn.

“The purpose of gathering information like this is to understand the changing nature and needs of our communities, and ensure we’re focusing our efforts in the right direction,” Ms Wagner says.

Note: Greater Christchurch Dashboard — Education attached.

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