A new report on the Government’s response to the Canterbury earthquakes will become a key emergency management planning tool, Minister supporting Greater Christchurch Regeneration Nicky Wagner says.

The Whole of Government Report analyses and references the findings of more than 200 works of published literature on the Canterbury earthquake sequence, and identifies more than 50 lessons across five key areas.

“This report captures a number of lessons from the Government’s response to the Canterbury quakes, provides a solid platform for future learning and legacy-type work, and complements other initiatives such as the EQ Recovery Learning website,” Ms Wager says.

“The Canterbury quakes were an unprecedented disaster and the Government, its partners, local agencies, and the community had limited experience or resources from which to draw.

“As we all know, the last six years have been a steep learning curve. We didn’t always get it right, but we made the best decisions possible with the information we had at the time. 

“Taking the opportunity to reflect and learn means each time we have a significant quake, such as the one in Kaikoura last November, we do better — our response is faster, more targeted and more effective.

“One of the key lessons from both international experience and our own recovery planning, is that a single lead entity removes local confusion and provides much-needed certainty. The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) was up and running quickly, and provided leadership and coordination during an incredibly difficult time.

“Our recovery and regeneration is an ongoing process. As both the Christchurch Mayor and I have signalled, there will be a number of opportunities to continue to reflect on our challenges and achievements over the coming years.”

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