Sign to protect school drop-offs

Stop Labour's proposal to ban school drop-offs

Help us stop Labour from banning school drop-offs and pick-ups without consultation in its Reshaping Streets proposal.

Labour has made it clear in its Reshaping Streets proposal that there should be greater restrictions on school drop-offs and pick-ups in cars, supposedly to get more people walking, cycling or taking public transport to school. 

But giving communities more transport choices means innovating and investing – not simply taking options away. The decision to drop the kids off at school in a car belongs to parents and communities, not Labour. 

While some communities may decide to support changes proposed under the Reshaping Streets, they need to be consulted first. Without the proper consultation communities deserve, road users will have to stomach these changes whether they like them or not.

Acting first and then asking for permission is not consultation. That’s arrogance from those in authority who think they know better than the communities they serve. 

Labour needs to scrap these proposals immediately. Please sign our petition and help us send that message loud and clear.

Will you sign?