Legislation enabling a housing development at Point England and progress on Ngāti Paoa’s historical Treaty settlement has passed its second reading by 62-43, Building and Construction Minister Dr Nick Smith says.

“It is poor use of Crown land just 10km from Auckland’s CBD to have 18 hectares fenced off for cattle grazing for more than 30 years.

“We are going to use 12ha for new houses and 2ha for a marae, as part of a Treaty settlement with Ngāti Paoa. The remaining 4ha will be added to the 32 of public reserve space.

“This pragmatic response delivers much needed homes, assists in settling a long standing Treaty grievance, expands the area available for recreation and enables millions of dollars to be invested in improving the facilities and environment.

“The Government has taken on board the concerns of the local community in guaranteeing an increase in the accessible public space, retaining at least the same area of playing fields and committing to spending all of the Crown’s proceeds from the housing development in enhancing the local recreational facilities and environment.

“Labour’s opposition to this Bill is hypocritical. They demand more action on housing supply but then oppose major developments like Three Kings and Point England. It is also ironic that they are calling for reductions in cow numbers nationally but defend grazing on 18ha of prime central city land where land supply is the most significant barrier to housing.

“The Labour proposal of using land owned by the Tamaki Redevelopment Company is not a credible alternative because it is already committed to housing and does not add to supply. Ngāti Paoa has also made plain that this ancestral block of Point England is pivotal to their settlement.

“Auckland’s housing challenges will be resolved development by development. We are making good progress in growing supply over the past five years from the 4000 new homes being built a year to over 10,000 today. We need pragmatic initiatives like Point England to maintain this growth.”


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