The Government’s announcement today of $100 million spend for Māori prisons is just ticking something off Minister Kelvin Davis’ wish list with no evidence it will work, National’s Corrections spokesperson David Bennett says.

“The programme will be a prison within a prison, but will only be available at two locations.   

“National recognises that Māori are over represented in our prison system but we believe in the fundamental principle that the Corrections system should serve all equally.  

“There are no details about how this programme will work. The Minister has made clear this is not another rehabilitation programme but a structural change which will create a two tier prison system.

“We need a system that works for all, teaching skills and providing rehabilitation, that acknowledges cultural and personal backgrounds, not an expensive and divisive system that Kelvin Davis has dreamt up.   

“National believes in turning lives around and investing in those who need a hand up, not just throwing money at programmes and hoping they’ll work.”

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