National is proud to be the party that backs rural New Zealand through thick and thin. We’re the party that knows the massive contribution the primary sector makes to New Zealand, with over $45 billion in export revenue and employing over 350,000 people. We must continue to support the sectors growth and ensure our policy is fit for purpose.

We understand that farmers and growers are concerned about mounting workforce shortages, employment law reforms, climate change and environmental regulations and increasing taxes.

Our experienced and dedicated team of rural MP’s have worked hard to come up with a series of ideas and proposals that we think can address these issues, and we are excited to hear your feedback.

This document is part of the biggest policy development process by an Opposition in over a decade.

National holds every rural seat in Parliament except one and we’re proud to represent rural New Zealand. We’re working hard to ensure we’re ready to govern in 2020 should we have the opportunity.

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