Primary Health Navigators


A National Government will increase our frontline primary healthcare services by adding a primary care navigator to every General Practice.

Primary care navigators bring a wide range of skills and will act in a patient-facing role that will boost General Practices’ capacity.

The United Kingdom has piloted the use of primary care navigators with positive outcomes.

National will:

  • Establish a national programme of primary care navigators.

  • Invest so that every General Practice location can get a government funded primary care navigator.

Once this policy is fully rolled out it will cost $64 million annually.

General Practitioners are often under significant time pressure which can lead to longer waiting times, and leaves them little time to address anything but their patient’s immediate health concerns.

Primary care navigators will support General Practitioners by providing the additional time to talk to patients who need help accessing the right services.

They will provide counselling, interface with government agencies, follow up appointments and referrals, do home visits and implement primary care health plans collaborated with each general practice.

National is committed to delivering better healthcare, sooner, and regardless of location.

This is another practical solution that will help many New Zealanders.

You can read more about our Primary Health Care Navigator Policy here.

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