National is committed to keeping New Zealanders safe and that means giving Police the tools and resourcing they need to do their job. New Zealand’s frontline Police officers are some of the most professional in the world. We are privileged to have such a dedicated Police force who put their safety on the line to keep our communities safe.

National will:

  • Expand mental health facilities in policing such as the Watch-house Nurse Programme and the Mental Health Co- Response Initiative.

  • Clamp down on organised crime and drug dealers who push dangerous drugs into our communities.

  • Introduce Firearm Prohibition Orders to give Police more powers to stop dangerous people accessing firearms.

  • Increase funding and resourcing for the Independent Police Conduct Authority.

  • Increase allocation of Police to rural areas, including increasing one-person Police stations to two-person stations (pilot scheme in Northland first).


National will focus on the criminal and violent use of firearms. National opposed the unnecessary regulation placed on law abiding firearm owners and set out a number of changes we required to the Arms Legislation Bill which was introduced in 2019 passed by the Government earlier this year.

National will:

  • Amend the Arms Act 1983 to implement the changes not adopted in the Bill, including introducing Firearm Prohibition Orders, provide clear rules around the regulation of clubs and ranges, and provide common sense exemptions for pest control operations, sports shooting, and collectors.

  • Place policy and administration responsibilities for the Arms Act 1983 with another Government entity other than NZ Police.

Curbing the harm organised crime creates

Gangs and organised criminal elements peddle misery throughout New Zealand. In just three short years, the Government has overseen a 34 per cent increase in the numbers of patched gang members across the country. National has advocated strongly for measures which will stop gangs peddling drugs and violence through the country.

Gangs contribute significantly to the methamphetamine epidemic in New Zealand and, increasingly, are developing transnational connections to organised crime networks. We need to change the soft approach that has been adopted to organised crime and implement policies that will disrupt and halt the operations of gangs across the country.

National will:

  • Give Police greater powers to search the homes and cars of violent gang members for firearms through Firearm Prohibition Orders.

  • Resource Police to designate a dedicated gang unit to disrupt the operation of gangs and work within Police to target the proceeds of crime.

  • Create new criminal offences targeting violent gang crime and introducing tougher sentences for gang-related crime.

  • Set tougher parole conditions for gang members who return to associating with a gang after release.

  • Create a new aggravating factor in the Sentencing Act that would capture offending done whilst being a member of a gang, or offending done in association with gang members and/or a gang.

  • Change the onus of proof on gang related income. If an individual is identified as member of a gang on the National Gang list they have to prove their income came from a legitimate source, rather than the Police proving their income came from an illegitimate source.

  • Ban all gang insignia in public places.

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