The Prime Minister should take her own advice that she gave Shane Jones and spend some time reading the Cabinet Manual, Leader of the Opposition Simon Bridges says.

“The Prime Minister has repeatedly said she won’t comment on the scandal surrounding NZ First’s donations as it wouldn’t be appropriate for the leader of one political party to comment on the practices of any other political party.

“This is not about the leaders of NZ First and the Labour party. Jacinda Ardern and Winston Peters are the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister. They’re supposed to be running the country.  

“The Cabinet Manual is clear, the buck stops with Jacinda Ardern. It clearly states at all times Ministers are expected to act lawfully and to behave in a way that upholds, and is seen to uphold, the highest ethical standards. Ministers are responsible to the Prime Minister for their behaviour.

“It’s time for Jacinda Ardern to take control of her Government, show some leadership and assure New Zealanders her Deputy Prime Minister hasn’t been breaking the law.

“The Prime Minister can’t be a bystander. She is running the country and New Zealanders deserve to know whether Ministers are behaving lawfully.”


The relevant section of the Cabinet Manual can be found here.

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