Phil Twyford big on promises but can’t deliver

Economic Development Minister Phil Twyford has continued his streak of non-delivery with no infrastructure projects underway since calling for industry to come forward with shovel ready projects two months ago, National’s Economic Development spokesperson Judith Collins says.

“The Minister announced on 1 April he was on the hunt for shovel ready projects that could get underway as soon as people could get back to work as part of the Government’s plan to boost the economy post-Covid.

“But nearly two months later, nothing is happening.

“In Parliament today, the Minister couldn’t name any new projects the Government has set in motion since calling for industry to come forward with ideas.

“This is disappointing for the industry who are crying out for work to get underway.

“But it’s hardly surprising from the same Minister who couldn’t deliver KiwiBuild and has stalled indefinitely on light rail to Dominion Road.

“If Phil is bringing the same skill set he brought to housing to the economy then there is little hope for the construction industry who are desperate for confidence right now.

“National has a strong track record of delivering big ticket infrastructure projects like the Waterview Tunnel, the Roads of National Significance and Ultra-Fast Broadband.

“This Government has a track record of failing to deliver.”