A petition to repeal the Government’s new fuel taxes and relieve some of the financial pressure being imposed on hard working Kiwi families paying record prices at the pump has been launched today, National Leader Simon Bridges says.

“The average New Zealand household is now paying $200 a year more in petrol taxes than this time last year and in Auckland that figure is $324.

“That’s too high and the costs are only going to increase as fuel prices climb and the Government imposes new taxes.

“The worst is yet to come with two more excise tax hikes planned in the next two years. Councils right around New Zealand are already asking for Auckland’s regional fuel tax to be made available nationwide and crude oil prices are expected to continue to rise.

“Ordinary hard working Kiwi families don’t need the worry of figuring out how they’re going to drive to school or get to the supermarket. But this Government is pricing them out of their cars.

“That’s why National has launched a petition calling for the Government to axe these new fuel taxes.

“The Government should provide immediate relief to New Zealanders by cancelling the new fuel taxes it’s imposed and putting a stop to its plans to add more.

 “National is committed to holding this Government to account and making sure New Zealanders get to keep more of what they earn to help them get ahead.”

The petition can be signed here

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