Documents released today under the Official Information Act show Winston Peters’ Personal Explanation to Parliament is at odds with the official record, National’s Police spokesperson Chris Bishop says.

“Winston Peters went out of his way to stand up in Parliament on August 7th to make a Personal Explanation about why he attended a celebration for Wally Haumaha when he was made Assistant Police Commissioner. He told Parliament he was invited to speak at Waiteti Marae by the National-led Government and Police National Headquarters.

“But Police documents today show that this is not true. The event was organised by Waiteti Marae - of which Mr Haumaha is the chairman. Mr Haumaha was also previously announced as a NZ First candidate for Rotorua.

“Mr Peters needs to explain why he went out of his way to tell Parliament that the previous National-led Government invited him to this event when this clearly wasn’t the case. 

“This whole saga has been incredibly murky and it’s time Mr Peters told us the real story. This is yet another example of this Government not telling the truth and misleading the public whenever it’s under pressure.”


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