With Auckland Council’s latest round of public submissions on the Auckland Regional Fuel Tax closing Monday the public is loudly saying it doesn’t want it, National’s Transport Spokesperson Jami-Lee Ross says.

"The Regional Fuel Tax is losing support in the eyes of the Auckland public and across New Zealand. Aucklanders want transport investment but they know they don’t need to be hammered with unnecessary new taxes to do it.

"Auckland Council's first round of consultation showed that more people oppose the fuel tax than support it – and that was before the Government announced a second tax which will mean motorists will be paying up to an extra $15 at the pump every time they fill up.

"On top of that, 89 per cent of the 500 submissions to the Select Committee on the Regional Fuel Tax Bill were opposed and the Auckland Council’s online poll showed 74 per cent of the 10,000 submitters don’t want it.

"All this proves that Aucklanders are not impressed at a double tax hike and who can blame them?

“The regional fuel tax, alongside the Ardern-Peters’ Government's increased national fuel taxes, will add hundreds of dollars to the tax bill of Aucklanders and it’s likely to be rolled out in other areas, with councils in Wellington, Christchurch and Hamilton already saying they want it.

“It’s just not needed. If the Government and Auckland Council got smarter and less fixated on a multi-billion dollar tram they could deliver Auckland’s needed transport infrastructure without these new taxes.

“Trust in Transport Minister Phil Twyford is surely waning. He’s making a mess of both his Housing and Transport portfolios and taxpayers are paying the price.”

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