Pacific People’s Minister Alfred Ngaro says the launch of Kapasa: the Pacific Policy Analysis Tool, signals a major turning point in government policy decision-making for Pacific peoples. 

“Kapasa is the Tongan and Samoan translation for compass,” says Mr Ngaro.

“It echoes how our Pacific ancestors successfully navigated their way across the Pacific Ocean.

“It’s an apt name as the tool will help guide our policy practitioners to understand and incorporate Pacific perspectives into their policy and service design.

“Pacific people have strengths and skills that should be capitalised on if we are to make a difference to Pacific people and also all New Zealanders.

“We’ve come a long way in the last few years in addressing many of the challenges that Pacific people have faced, Kapasa will guide the way for us to make even more improvements.

“Guidance for Pacific policy development is not a new idea but with this refresh we’ll see an improvement in the quality of policy advice across government, and also a greater focus on better outcomes for Pacific peoples and in turn, all New Zealanders.”

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