New Zealanders should trust National as much with the environment as they do with the economy. Environmental issues are too important to be left to the fringe of politics. Our ambition is to be the party that is best able to deliver a clean environment with a strong economy. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. Our discussion document puts forward distinctly ‘Bluegreen’ ideas characterised by essential principles like sustainability, practical environmentalism, taking scientific and evidence-based approaches to environmental challenges.

We believe hunters and fishers can take more responsibility for managing their own activities and resources they use. We think we can get better value for money for the taxpayer and better outcomes for the environment if we place more emphasis on backing the many private and community conservation organisations around New Zealand.

Our discussion document contains a series of questions and propositions about how we can take New Zealand forward. We want your views as we develop policy for the 2020s. Please download and read the document below and fill out the online survey to provide feedback.

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