Sign the petition: Open up Ruffell Road in Te Kowhai

The partial closure of Arthur Port Drive and full closures of Ruffell Road, Te Kowhai Road and Horotiu Road has meant that residents now have no reasonable access to Te Rapa.

Residents and businesses in the area feel considerably frustrated at the number of roads and railway crossings that have been closed in recent years starting with Te Kowhai Road in 2012, Ruffell Road in 2021 due to alleged safety issues and most recently Horotiu Road in 2024 and Arthur Port Drive (partial closure), making it increasingly difficult to access Te Rapa and Hamilton North.

The rural communities in this area feel forgotten about and believe that Hamilton City Council has made decisions about roading without any consultation. The community advised they have been promised new roads many years ago on new land that has been reserved, however funding priorities have been placed elsewhere and these roads have not come to fruition.

To relieve the frustration and difficulty in accessing Te Rapa and Hamilton North, it is believed the best solution at this point is the re-opening of Ruffell Road as it would provide an easy short distance route to Te Rapa Road and would avoid a congested stop/go route around the back of the Base. Residents acknowledge this solution would be a temporary measure until the bridge west to east from Kura Drive across Onion Road connecting to Wairere is built, which could be more than 20 years away.

As this area is growing and there are plans of a large subdivision development which will increase the population and visitors this is more than just a local problem! Sign the petition today!

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