Trade Minister Todd McClay says that the resumption of the CER-MERCOSUR Dialogue after 5 years is very good news for New Zealand and could lead to big trade gains for our exporters.

The meeting will be held on 4 May in Buenos Aires between senior officials from New Zealand, Australia and the four countries that make up the MERCOSUR bloc, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.

“The resumption of talks is a significant development and I see this as laying the foundations for a future trade negotiation. We will be pushing hard for a deal which offers better access for New Zealand,” Mr McClay says.

“Whilst it's early days, this could lead to an extremely valuable opportunity for New Zealand.”

“The MERCOSUR bloc has a GDP of more than US$2.4 trillion and a total population of 260 million. It’s a part of the world that’s growing quickly and it’s important that our exporters can be competitive in this market. High-quality trade deals help to ensure this competitiveness.”

Under the new trade strategy, Trade Agenda 2030, the Government is committed to forging new trade ties and expanding our network of trade agreements. It also sets the ambitious target of covering 90 per cent of our goods trade by free trade agreements by 2030.

“We have a strong commitment to developing closer economic relations with Latin America. I welcome the restarting of talks with MERCOSUR,” Mr McClay says.

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