Northwest Rapid Transit Bus Corridor


Auckland’s Northwest is a rapidly growing part of the city, with 30,000 new homes and 13,000 new jobs expected in the next 30 years. However, the area has been poorly served by transport connections, particularly public transport, for years.

In 2017 an Indicative Business Case for the corridor recommended a BRT route alongside SH16 that would provide a long term solution to improve travel times and reliability for customers, similar to the existing Northern Busway.

However, since then the project has gone nowhere. Labour’s plans for light rail down Dominion Road to Mangere also included light rail to the northwest.

Sadly, the failure of light rail down Dominion Road has also meant the complete cessation of any work on the northwestern corridor. This is a tragedy for the residents of northwest Auckland. The business case was not even presented to the Auckland Transport Board, and as the December 2019 Board minutes note, “It is becoming increasingly urgent to take action in this corridor.”

National’s Commitments

National will deliver bus rapid transit to the northwest. Following the recommendations of the 2017 business case:


Access to jobs: The project will bring 320,000 jobs within a 45-minute public transport journey of Westgate in 2046.

Catchment for the north-west: The project creates a population catchment of 580,000 people within a 45-minute public transport trip of employers in Westgate.

Travel Time: The project creates a journey time by bus from Westgate to the city centre of 32 minutes in the peak, compared to an expected journey time of 50 minutes under a do-nothing scenario.


The 2017 Indicative Business case forecast the cost at $2.39 billion.

Timing and sequencing

National will progressively roll out the Northwest Rapid Transit Bus Corridor, starting from 2025.

You can find a copy of the Factsheet here