New Zealanders who are wasting up to 85 hours a year in motorway gridlock had better get used to the slow crawl because the Government has no plan to rescue them any time soon, Leader of the Opposition Simon Bridges says.

“Today’s Auckland Congestion Report, released by the Automobile Association, will have motorists sinking in their car seats. It shows they are losing an average of 85 hours a year to congestion, up from 79 hours in 2017.

“The only reason Auckland’s congestion hasn’t got significantly worse is because National unlocked the city’s network by building the Waterview Tunnel.

“But congestion is going to get worse under this Government, which has no meaningful roading relief planned. Its only idea is to pump billions into a slow tram down Dominion Road that will do little to improve the lives of most Aucklanders.

“Meanwhile it has cancelled, delayed or gutted a dozen major transport projects across New Zealand, including Auckland’s East West Link.

“Transport Minister Phil Twyford is deaf to motorists’ pleas for help, having spurred the Business Council’s call to get on with these roads to avoid an infrastructure crisis.

“What really stings is that Auckland motorists are getting less but are paying more in the form of a regional fuel tax on top of the three fuel tax increases since Labour took office.

“The only thing motorists are getting from this Government is a tax on the price of their car, multiple taxes on fuel, and the chance to go slower through reduced speed limits.”

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