No oversight of bailed prisoners

Figures released to National Party show that since Auckland has been at a different alert level to the rest of the country there have been 11 instances of people being bailed from prison outside Auckland to areas under a lower alert level, says National’s Corrections spokesperson Simeon Brown.

“While only one of these instances took Covid out of Auckland, it was one time too many, and is yet more proof of the Government not preparing for another outbreak of Covid. 

“Police have also confirmed being unaware that the individual stopped at four different addresses on his way to his bail address and didn’t know he had done so until 11 days later, when he was back in custody.

“This happened despite him having an electronic bracelet which was GPS-monitored.

“This not only raises questions around the spread of Covid but also about how GPS monitoring is undertaken.

“The Government has said it will be looking at how they can improve these movements, but it is too little too late.

“The public deserves clarity and confidence that the Government has learned from what happened and fixed these problems.”

You can find a reply to a Written Parliamentary Question below: 

Reply 42473 (2021)
Portfolio: Police (Hon Poto Williams)

Question: When did Police become aware that the released Auckland prisoner who caught Covid had stopped at 4 places on the way to his address upon release from jail?

Reply: I am advised by Police that they were informed on Sunday 19 September 2021 of his movements.