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New role benefits pharmacists and patients

Monday, December 19, 2016 - 10:23

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says the roll-out of a new technician role in pharmacies is benefiting both pharmacists and patients.

“Pharmacists play an important part in helping to deliver faster more convenient healthcare,” says Dr Coleman.

“Many New Zealanders already benefit from the advice and care of their pharmacist. In order to help pharmacists spend more time with patients a new technician role has been developed.

“This year's national roll-out of Pharmacy Accuracy Checking Technicians has freed up valuable time for pharmacists, allowing them to spend more time with more patients.

“This year a further 18 Pharmacy Accuracy Checking Technicians have been trained and certified to carry out the final check on a dispensed item.

“This part of a process usually sits with a pharmacist. The pharmacist still ensures that the prescription is legally correct, clinically safe, appropriate to dispense, and talks with patients.

“Another 19 are booked in to take part in the February 2017 intake.”

The introduction of the new role follows a successful 2015 pilot run by the Pharmaceutical Society on behalf of Health Workforce New Zealand. Thirteen trainees took part in that pilot which was run across 12 sites nationwide.

A framework has been developed to enable the national introduction of the new technician role, with the roll-out and training being managed by the Pharmaceutical Society.