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Tourism support package for Hurunui announced

Wednesday, December 14, 2016 - 11:03
Economic Development

Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce today announced support of up to $350,000 for tourism in Hanmer Springs and the Hurunui District following the Kaikoura earthquake.

“The package will fund marketing work over the next six months to bolster the local visitor economy, ensuring the negative effects of the quake are mitigated,” Mr Joyce says.

“Hanmer Springs has not experienced any significant physical damage from the quakes, but has suffered from an immediate sharp downturn in tourism activity, particularly from domestic tourists. This tourism marketing package will help that to recover more quickly and reduce the need for further support in the Hurunui District.

“In my recent visits to Hanmer Springs, local tourism businesses and the Hurunui District Council have been confident that the visitors will steadily return as the summer progresses,” Mr Joyce says. “This extra promotional activity, including advice on travelling safely, will be needed to ensure that occurs more quickly.

“The Government will provide up to $250,000 of marketing support to help attract Cantabrians and other tourists to Hurunui.

“A further $100,000 in funding will support regional tourism organisations to employ an additional 1.5 extra staff for up to six months, in order to help manage the short-term recovery period.”

Mr Joyce says that this work will ensure there are plenty of visitors in the wider region, who will also be able to visit Kaikoura once road access to the south of Kaikoura is fully restored.

“There will be further government announcements on specific tourism promotion measures for Kaikoura in particular, once road access to the South is fully restored, and the rehabilitation of the harbour is underway.

“This package reflects the need to promote the important domestic and international tourism destinations in Hurunui, including Hanmer Springs and surrounding areas, in the meantime and get accurate and timely messages out to potential visitors,” Mr Joyce says.

The funding support is on top of the business support packages for Kaikoura, Hurunui and Wellington businesses already announced by the Government.