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Nursing graduates finding jobs sooner

Wednesday, December 14, 2016 - 09:40

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says more than half the country’s nurses who graduated in November have already found jobs through the system which matches graduates with employers.

The national recruitment system (ACE) provides accurate information much sooner for both nurse graduates and employers. It helps to streamline the recruitment process for both graduates and DHBs.

“The latest results show that 714 students, 56 per cent, of the 1,274 nurses graduating in November who applied to the end-of-year ACE recruitment round are now employed,” says Dr Coleman.

“This result is in line with what we've seen in the last four years of using ACE. The data also shows from past ACE rounds that the vast majority of graduate nurses find employment over the following year.

“Only three per cent from last year's November graduates are still looking for positions through ACE. Which is in line with last year’s results. That's an impressive success rate.

“Our data doesn't capture what happens to all nurse graduates, for example some of these graduates may be on their OE or found work in other sectors.

"The Government is committed to ensuring we meet what we know will be a growing demand for new nurses – as our more senior nurses begin to retire, we also have a growing and ageing population. Communities will need the skills of nurses more than ever."

The Government has funded 1,291 new graduate nurses in nurse entry to practice positions in 2016.

This is supported by the Government investing $568 million extra into Vote Health for 2016/2017. Taking the total health spend to a record $16.1 billion.