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Corrections Inspectorate to be more transparent

Tuesday, December 6, 2016 - 10:52

The Corrections Inspectorate function will be more transparent as a result of a new Inspectorate Reporting policy, says Corrections Minister Judith Collins.

Inspectors were established by the Corrections Act 2004 to provide assurance around the delivery of Corrections’ services. Specifically, they visit all public and private prisons, investigate incidents, investigate complaints and undertake thematic reviews.

“The Inspectors produce reports with recommended actions which are considered by the Chief Executive and decisions made as to what actions will be taken as a result. However, there has not been additional scrutiny or visibility of these reports.

“Since early this year, I have been working with the State Services Commission to develop proposals to strengthen independent oversight of the Corrections system.

“As a first step, Corrections will provide me with regular Summary Reporting detailing the Inspector’s recommendations and the Chief Executive’s response to those recommendations as well as the dates for implementation of any actions.

“The new policy agreed by cabinet this week, will also require Corrections to publish Summary Reporting, and full Inspectorate reports where appropriate and with necessary steps to protect privacy and security.

“I have also asked the State Services Commission to work with the Department to look at potential options to enhance the powers of the Inspectorate through amendments to the Corrections Act,” Ms Collins says.