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Disability Confident campaign launched

Friday, November 25, 2016 - 18:00
Disability Issues

The Disability Confident campaign, which supports employers to hire and retain disabled employees, was launched today by Prime Minister John Key.

Disabilities Issues Minister Nicky Wagner says the campaign is about showcasing the wide range of easily accessible and practical information available to support employers of disabled employees.

“One in four New Zealanders have some form of disability. This group represents a vast pool of talent that employers can tap into to enhance workplace diversity and make a valuable contribution to their business,” Ms Wagner says.

“The government is working with Business New Zealand and the Disability Employment Forum to help employers to become Disability Confident.

“We want employers to know that it’s much easier than they think to employ disabled people and the government is here to support them.

“Research shows that most disabled employees take less sick days and perform just as well as other employees once in the right job.

“While most disabled people don’t need anything extra to be able to do their work, for those that do, funding is available to provide workplace modifications, equipment and on-going support on the job.

“It’s not just an opportunity for employers to tap into talented staff, it also gives employees more confidence and economic independence,” Ms Wagner says.

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