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$357.9m invested in key transport projects

Thursday, May 26, 2016 - 12:36
Budget 2016

The Government is demonstrating its commitment to New Zealand’s economic growth and mobility by investing $357.9 million in key transport projects, Transport Minister Simon Bridges says.

The investment includes:

  • Up to $115 million of new capital funding for previously announced roading projects in Gisborne, Marlborough and Taranaki, continuing the Government’s Accelerated Regional Roading Programme.
  • $40.9 million of new operating funding for the SuperGold card scheme over the next four years.
  • $190.2 million of new capital funding for KiwiRail for the operation of the national freight network.

“The Government’s Accelerated Regional Roading Programme is one of our core transport priorities. This $115 million in Budget 2016 is the second tranche of a $212 million package announced in 2014,” Mr Bridges says.

“The funding will accelerate the construction and improvement of regionally strategic roads that have struggled to attract funding because of wider national priorities. The projects approved for 2016/17 will improve safety and resilience on important routes in the regions and reduce journey times.”

Budget 2016 also invests further in the SuperGold card off-peak travel scheme.

“The Government supports increasing the mobility of SuperGold cardholders. That’s why we’re providing $40.9 million of additional funding to provide certainty for more than 670,000 cardholders who made 12.6 million trips last year.”

The funding for KiwiRail recognises the key role that rail plays in supporting economic growth. This investment in the company takes total funding since 2010 to $1.4 billion.

“KiwiRail has made good progress in increasing customer numbers, becoming more reliable and upgrading assets. However, the Government expects it to continue to improve its productivity and efficiency.

“The Government is committed to a national rail network, but ongoing subsidies at this level are unsustainable. The funding is a two-year package to help KiwiRail make further gains so future government support can be reduced.”