New Zealand must join the international community in calling for fresh elections in Venezuela, National’s Foreign Affairs spokesperson Todd McClay says.

“The democratic crisis in Venezuela has reached the point where the only reasonable option is to hold fresh elections that are free from corruption and interference.

“New Zealand cannot and should not sit on the side lines and watch as Venezuela descends into chaos and the people continue to have their democratic will suppressed.

“We must act consistently with our principles by advocating for a democratic solution, putting the future of their country back in the hands of the Venezuelan people and calling for a new Presidential election.

“This would echo the calls for fresh elections from countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Spain.

“Other countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Chile, Guatemala, Panama and Honduras have all expressed support for the Opposition in Venezuela.

“New Zealand cannot simply ignore the issues facing the world and we must be clear about our commitment to democracy.”

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