After just nine sitting days the new Government has run out of new legislation for the House to consider, Shadow Leader of the House Simon Bridges says.

“Today’s Business Statement by Leader of the House Chris Hipkins was extraordinary for what it didn’t include – anything new.

“Just 35 days into its ‘100 Day Plan’ it outlined six Bills that the House will consider next week – but all six were introduced by the previous Government.

“After a lot of bluster about being a Government of action, ideas and bold reform the Government appears to have run out of puff already.

“The Autonomous Sanctions and Electronic Interaction Reforms Bill are worthy pieces of legislation. But the New Zealand public probably expected the new Government to at least have some idea about how to turn its vague ideas into reality, and to actually put up legislation for the Parliament to consider.

“The two of their Bills they have passed were Members’ Bills carried over from the last Parliament.

“That’s on top of the Parliament this week also considering such weighty items as the Statutes Amendment Bill and the Subordinate Legislation Confirmation and Validation Bill – neither of which were in the Labour-NZ First coalition agreement. Or at least the public version.

“Their lack of organisation was underlined today when a question by them to one of their own ministers was thrown out by the Speaker because they tried to ask it to a minister who hadn’t yet received their delegation.

“The Parliament is treading water. The Government’s 100 Day Plan has turned into 100 Days of Inaction.

“The National Party has plenty of good ideas and new legislation we would be happy for the Government to adopt. Given the Government has no legislation of its own, it’s welcome to take on ours.”

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