Offenders who sucker punch unwitting victims causing death would be more easily sentenced to up to 20 years in prison under Northland MP Matt King’s Member’s Bill drawn from the Ballot at Parliament today.

“My Bill would create a new offence of Assault Causing Death relating to a punch thrown at an unsuspecting victim who dies from injuries sustained in the attack. This offence would be easier to prove than manslaughter,” Mr King says.

“The sheer fact that an offender threw it at an unsuspecting victim who later died from their injuries would be enough for a stiffer sentence. It also makes it more likely a case wouldn’t go to trial because it would provide another option for a guilty plea.

“It would also provide further sentencing options for judges with the offence sitting between grievous bodily harm and manslaughter, making it easier to hold offenders accountable and providing for a sentence of up to 20 years in prison.

“This type of violent offending is increasing and creating too many victims. Creating this offence would send a clear message that such violent behaviour won’t be tolerated and that offenders will be held accountable.

“National is the party of law and order. Unlike the Government we believe in holding offenders accountable and keeping our communities safe. This Bill is another part of those efforts and given it is also NZ First’s election policy I call on the Government to support it.”

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