New Zealanders looking for a strong government that can get on with the job should give their Party Vote to National, Campaign Chairman Steven Joyce says.

“Our new broadcast ads released today underline the very clear choice voters have in this election between a proven team that is delivering for New Zealanders, or a confused set of promises that are completely lacking in detail.

“We can either keep going forward with National, or backwards with Labour’s very different economic agenda including at least seven more taxes, more spending, more debt, higher interest rates, and trade and industrial relations policies that would hurt Kiwi businesses.

“Labour still hasn’t made the case for why we need such a big shift in economic policy, which would take stall our economy at a time when families and businesses are steadily getting ahead.

“We have a great opportunity to lock in the gains from the last few years, build on this momentum, and successfully deal with some of New Zealand’s longest standing challenges. Only National can deliver this.

“A vote for any other party is effectively a vote for a Labour-led Government that would set us down an uncertain and costly path.

“We’re focused on getting out our vote in the final few days of the campaign and ensuring New Zealanders know the only way to keep Bill English and his team delivering for them is to Party Vote National.”

National’s new “Clear Choice” ads are available here:

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