New Zealanders to brace for ACC levy increases

At a time of unprecedented financial insecurity for New Zealand business owners and employees, the Government is preparing to add even more costs through a range of ACC levy increases, National’s ACC spokesperson Tim Macindoe says.

In February the chair of ACC Board told the Education and Workforce Select Committee that ‘there needs to be some increases in levies’, and the Minister has refused to rule these cost increases out despite the huge extra pressure New Zealanders now face in the Covid recovery period.

“ACC Minister Iain Lees-Galloway refused to answer questions when pressed repeatedly at the select committee, and it’s clear he wants to conceal his Government’s intentions this side of the general election and defer the required public consultation on the issue until October.

“The Minister acknowledged that the ACC Board has obtained legal advice on the timing of the public consultation, which is a clear indicator they’re looking to delay the process so ACC levy payers don’t know what’s in store for them until after they have cast their votes in September.

“Tens of thousands of New Zealanders have lost their jobs in the past months and our economy has entered a deep recession. This is the worst possible time to add to the cost burdens of our families, motorists and others, which is probably why the Government is trying to hide their intentions in the lead up to the election.

“It’s time they came clean with New Zealanders on what extra costs are coming.”