The National Party is pleased to announce the appointment of Paula Bennett as our Campaign Chair for the 2020 General Election, President Peter Goodfellow says.

“Paula is an incredible campaigner with over a decade of political experience, particularly in chairing our recent successful Northcote by-election campaign. She brings the right level of skills, energy and enthusiasm we need to run the most comprehensive campaign we can deliver.

“National is well underway in our 2020 campaign preparations. Our candidate selection process has already begun, we’ve appointed our Campaign Chair, and our wider organisation of tens of thousands of members, volunteers and supporters are gearing up to fight this campaign with everything we’ve got,” Mr Goodfellow said.

“Our National campaign will be a positive one that clearly sets out the choice that New Zealanders have at the election next year. A Labour-led Government that promised much but has failed to deliver, where the economy stalls and life gets harder - or a focused National Government that drives economic growth and opportunity for all New Zealanders,” Mrs Bennett says.

“Being Campaign Chair is a massive commitment and one I want to give 100% of myself to, as such I won’t be seeking re-election as the MP for Upper Harbour but will be on the National Party’s List.

“I have had tremendous support from the Upper Harbour Electorate and from the seat of Waitakere before that. I believe Upper Harbour deserves a candidate who is completely focused on them and being List only will allow me to run an energised, new look campaign that is focused on New Zealanders and their lives.

“We can’t afford another three years of this tax and spend Government, National is ready, organised and has the best team to lead this country,” Mrs Bennett said.


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