National will review the ACC funding frameworks to provide clarity for claimants, including firefighters who have developed cancer as a result of their work, National’s ACC spokesperson Tim Macindoe says.

“Firefighters who may have developed cancer as a result of their work have relatively unique circumstances. Occupational diseases are covered by ACC, but it’s often difficult to prove the disease is work-related.

“In our Health Discussion Document, we’re proposing to explore the range of conditions confirmed to be linked to being a firefighter, develop a presumptive list of conditions, and give firefighters ACC cover for them.

“We’ll also review the funding by ACC of DHB-based accident-related care to ensure DHBs are sufficiently reimbursed for the accident-related acute care they provide.

“We know many ACC claimants find the process of establishing their conditions are accident-related is time-consuming, costly and stressful. National proposes working with ACC to explore a more efficient process for determining if an injury is covered, giving peace of mind and certainty to claimants.

“ACC is a valued component of our health system which provides essential financial and rehabilitation assistance to millions of New Zealanders.

“National is doing the work in Opposition so we’re ready to hit the ground running in 2020.”

You can view the discussion document here


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