National will build Petone to Grenada Link Road

A National Government would build the Petone to Grenada Link Road, including the Cross Valley Link, National Party Leader Judith Collins confirmed in Grenada today.

You can read our Seaview to Grenada Link Road including The Cross Valley Link fact sheet here

“Building the Petone to Grenada Link should be a key priority for the region. But the current Labour Government has failed to prioritise transport.

“What we’ve seen instead is commuters in this region slapped with fuel tax after fuel tax, a muddled Let’s Get Wellington Moving announcement and state highway funding cuts that saw the plans for Petone to Grenada effectively cancelled.

“For too long Wellington has been trapped in a cycle of talking but not delivering on transport. The region is choked by congestion. This needs to change. A National Government would get on with the job and deliver the Petone to Grenada Link Road.

“The Petone to Grenada Link Road would significantly add to regional roading resilience in Wellington, while unlocking productivity and commercial opportunities for the Hutt Valley. It would ease congestion for residents of Ōhāriu and the Hutt traveling to and from Wellington.

“It is expected to make peak morning journeys between the Hutt Valley and northern Wellington about 10 minutes faster and 7 kilometres shorter,” Ms Collins says.

“It will provide another route to and from the Hutt Valley when SH2 is blocked or Wellington city when SH1 is blocked. It will also open up future residential or business growth opportunities by making Porirua, Wellington and the Hutt Valley better connected,” Mr Bishop says.

“This is a vital project to unlock the economic potential of Wellington. It will provide a route between Seaview and Tawa and will include the Cross Valley Link. It will provide a link to Transmission Gully and reduce pressure on the current highway system from the North.

“It will create more resilience in the region and keep the Hutt Valley and Northern Wellington suburbs better connected in an earthquake, slip or crash. Commuters will see significant travel time reductions and it will create hundreds of new jobs and support growth across the region.

“Under a National Government, Wellington won’t be forgotten, instead Wellingtonians will see record investment including a second Mt Vic tunnel and electrification of the line to Ōtaki.

“National will deliver a plan that invests in this region. We will build new transport projects to get this city moving and unlock the development potential for all of Wellington,” Mr Bishop says.

You can read our Seaview to Grenada Link Road including The Cross Valley Link fact sheet here