National Party Trade spokesperson Todd McClay has welcomed news that an agreement on the TPP has been reached – and called on the Coalition Government to release the details of the agreement to the public as soon as possible.

“Signing the TPP will have huge benefits for New Zealand exporters and it’s great to see reports that an agreement has been reached and a deal will be signed on 8 March.

“The agreement was a huge focus for the previous government because it will open up improved access to hundreds of millions of consumers around the world.

“It will mean more opportunities for our exporters through significantly improved access to markets including Japan, Vietnam, Mexico and Peru. It puts our exporters on a more level playing field and we know that when given those opportunities, they will succeed.

“It will also bring the Asia-Pacific region closer together and show that free trade is still possible, and important, in a time of increasing protectionism around the world.

“That’s why it was such a focus of the previous government, despite opposition from all three governing parties.

“New Zealanders should be proud of the role we have played in getting this agreement over the line.

“The National Party has previously pledged its parliamentary support to help get the agreement over the line. We know this is important because Labour’s governing partner, the Greens are opposed to the deal.

“New Zealand First, which has long been a vocal opponent of free trade deals, is yet to state whether or not it will vote for the agreement and has previously voted against TPP legislation.

“While the revised agreement is yet to be seen and the devil will be in the detail, today’s news is a positive step. I call on the Government to release the text and the newly agreed details as soon as possible to allow the Parliament and the public to consider it properly,” Mr McClay says.

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