The National Party welcomes a report from the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment (PCE) outlining recommendations on how New Zealand can transition to a low carbon economy, Climate Change spokesperson Todd Muller says.

“National is up for the conversation about the steps we can take as a country to transition to a lower carbon economy. We all want to ensure that our natural environment can be enjoyed by our children and their children but it must be done carefully so as not to shock established sectors.

“There are a number of very substantive proposals in the report, which we will discuss as a Caucus, but it's good that the PCE has acknowledged a Climate Change Commission would need to take into account New Zealand’s particular and specific circumstances.

“We believe it is possible to drive environmental improvements while continuing economic growth, but we need to make sure we get the balance right.

“The Government has signalled it will seek Opposition feedback in drafting climate change legislation and we look forward to that,” Mr Muller says.

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