A re-elected National Government will strengthen biosecurity rules, toughen penalties for stock rustling and help exporters add value, National Party Primary Industries Spokesperson Nathan Guy says.

“These policies will help grow and protect the primary sector sustainably, and support our goal of doubling the value of our exports to $64 billion by 2025,” Mr Guy says.

“We are proud to support the primary sector which is the powerhouse of New Zealand’s economy, helping us earn a living and pay for social services.

“National will review and strengthen our Import Health Standards to make sure we are preventing unwanted pests and diseases from reaching our shores as much as practically possible.

“We will also review and update the Biosecurity Act to modernise it in line with our Biosecurity 2025 strategy.

“Biosecurity has always been my number one priority as Minister and funding is now at a record level of nearly a quarter of a billion dollars. It’s important that legislation and regulations are supporting this investment.

“National will also adopt MP Ian McKelvie’s Stock Rustling Bill and put it higher on the legislative agenda. This will toughen the penalties and send a stronger message to stock rustlers that if they’re caught, there will be serious consequences.

“We will also investigate how Government assurances could be used to authenticate higher standards of production by New Zealand producers. This could help send a strong message to overseas markets and help our products attract a premium.

“National’s approach is in strong contrast to that of opposition parties who want to hammer farmers and growers with new taxes and more regulation while opposing free trade and sensible immigration.”

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