One of the hallmarks of the National Party has been our tireless belief in the value of hard work, and people getting ahead and leading better lives under their own steam instead.

We’re relentlessly ambitious for Kiwis and their families. It’s not just wanting people to earn more, provide more for their families and have the same choices as many others, it’s also about enabling people to be in control of their own lives.

Over the last few years, the National Government has worked hard to ensure more people are able to take up the opportunities a growing economy presents. Tens of thousands more are in work and higher paying jobs, and taxpayers can be sure their investment in the welfare system is being well managed.

Our efforts are delivering results. The latest benefit numbers show the proportion of the population on a main benefit is the lowest it’s been in twenty years.

This is an outstanding result, made possible by the sense of optimism in this country as the economy continues to strengthen, businesses grow and employ more people, and more New Zealanders feel like this is a country where they can get ahead.

Those receiving Sole Parent Support had the largest drop in the last 12 months, falling by 6.3 per cent, and there are now over 50,000 fewer children living in benefit dependent homes, helping to break the cycle of dependency.

Increasing the amount of support to directly target people on benefits to get back into work has seen nearly 50,000 sole parents receive extra advice and guidance on getting into the workforce.

While supporting vulnerable people here and now is vital, planning for the future is something we take seriously too.

National understands how important it is to be forward-thinking and resilient in the face of a changing world and our programme of social investment is addressing the problems of tomorrow, today.

While an unstable coalition of Labour and the Greens prefer to throw money at issues rather than address them, we are more focused on results. 

This is fundamentally about tackling the root causes of welfare dependence, like a lack of education, to ensure fewer children are growing up in vulnerable households. It’s something we’re unashamedly investing in.

Our new PM, Bill English, and his united team will be building on the successes of the last few years, with a clear and strong plan to make Kiwis better off at work and at home, with the means to achieve it.

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